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AD Engineering Single Turbo Install DIY


An installation guide for the AD Engineering Single Turbo kit for installations on jack stands with the subframe out and using a Motiv BoostBox.


I decided to make this guide since the only available installation instructions for this turbo kit expect that the work is done by a shop with the engine out of the car in a cradle.

Thanks to @AD-ENG for the hand holding and @[email protected] for various bits of engineering advice and @bdh for his input since he's done this already, on an E93 no less(less space).

Before you get started:
  1. This guide is an educational piece only, I do not hold liability for any damages to anyone or anything.
  2. I expect that you know how to jack up the car, drain fluids and uninstall the stock turbos, so no time will be spent covering those things.
  3. You'll need Red Loctite, 7mm stud extractor(useful for removal and install), copper spray, long 7/32 ball allen socket, 1/4 drive 11mm wobble socket, stubby 1/2" box wrench, hi-tack spray, silicone spray, harbor freight engine brace, ground down tow hook(so it screws all the way in). The copper and hi-tack sprays are only used once, so you're better off borrowing some.
  4. I highly recommend wrapping your manifold and possibly even putting a blanket on the turbo if possible. While it is a bottom mount and the hottest temps are kept away from your electronics, plenty of heat still makes its way up top.
  5. While you're doing this, you may as well replace your waterpump and thermostat since it gets removed in the process.
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