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BMW Coding Guide - Setup


BMW Coding Guide - Setup
  1. MacBB55
    Great Explanation especially to someone like me with no knowledge of any of this stuff yet.
  2. VoodooLordN54
    Haven't tried yet but will past on a review when I do. Thanks
  3. Bnks334
    I've used this guide before and it's fantastic. Ista-p/Ista-d are invaluable tools in diagnosing issues and resetting sensors where all other methods have failed (INPA/Tool32/NCS).

    *****I would not recommend using a virtual machine setup to try to flash your DME. I had consistent failures until I installed BMWtools to a fresh windows install on a physical drive.
    1. Derek@MoorePerformance
      [email protected]'s response
      As far as general use of 90% of people that haven't had access to this software I believe that they will be content with flashing their TCU and coding features.

      This is mainly for basic use and because, I have seen too many people pay 50 - 100$+ for the Alpina B3 Flash