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E93 | E92 Rear PDC Retrofit


This is a guide for the E93 Rear PDC retrofit. This guide can also be used for E92, although the pictures may vary.

1 Introduction

This guide was created while doing the rear PDC retrofit on my 2009 E93 335i. This guide explains the steps for both E93 and E92, although there will only be photos for the E93 install. The only real difference between them is the location of the PDC module. For the E92, it is conveniently located in the trunk on the passenger side wheel well behind the carpet. For the E93, it is located in the trunk partition, which is the mysterious space between the back seat and the trunk. This is where the roll over safety system is located, along with the comfort access and other modules.

It is worth noting, if you have Comfort Access or the Tow Package, you'll need a 40mm stepped drill bit in order to cut out a new hole in the battery compartment for the new grommet you'll be adding for the PDC harness. Also, this is a large bit and you'll need a drill which accepts a big shank.

Also, if you intend to do the Front PDC in the future, you may as well do it now as the work mostly being done. There is not a separate module for the front PDC, you'd replace your rear only PDC module with one that has another connector for the front also. It is a different part.

I picked up my Rear only PDC module for $60 shipped off ebay. The sensors were $47 shipped and the retrofit kit was $150 from ECS, E93 Part#: 66200428637 - E92: Part#: 66200418636

2 Rear PDC Install

Update: Before continuing, check the wiring diagrams for your vehicle, the wires you're trying to tap are probably available in the back of the car, saving you a ton of headache trying to get them to the front and dig them up from under the carpets.

1) Install the sensors into the rubber disconnecting rings. My sensors came with the rings on them already. Now fit the sensors into the holders.


2) Now make sure your bumper is clean on the inside, peel the stickers off the sensor holders and stick them into the PDC holes. The sensors labeled HI are the two inside sensors, those labeled HA are the two outside sensors, all with the plug pointed inward.

3) Now, we need to install the control module holder. The E90/E92 PDC module holder is located in a different spot and is bigger than the E93 module. The E90/E92 holder has room for the Comfort Access(3), PDC(2) and Trailer modules(4,5) all in one:

The E92 holder is mounted with three speed nuts on the right hand side of the trunk, pull back the carpet cover above the battery by the wheel to reveal it, then secure with the self tapping screws included in the retrofit kit.

For the E93, the area of this module holder is not nearly as simple as the E92. To access it, fold the rear seat down and make sure the side cushions are out. Now, using a trim pry tool, remove the plastic rings around the rubber circles and the folding seat latch trim:


Using a star screwdriver, remove the plastic latches:

Use a trim remover to pull the two plastic rivets on the bottom of the partition panel. Remove your ski bag if you have one, pull out the door assembly by lifting up and then use your trim remover to pop the two covers off and remove the two 10mm bolts:

The ski pass trim should now come out. Now you can start at the top left of the partition panel and pull back on the panel and the pop rivets will come out:

Once you've removed them all across the top, lift up and the panel will come out:

Now you can put the PDC module into the holder and insert the holder on the passenger side, at the bottom:

There is a little space by the floor, it lays flat with the two arms where the M5 screws go pointing upward and the connectors facing forward. Situate the holder so its inserted, with the side clips upward and hooks into the metal frame:

Then line up the screw holes and put in two M5x12 screws(not included in my retrofit kit. I grabbed them from home depot):

4) Now we need to put in harness A, which has the rubber grommet. For cars without Comfort Access or a Tow Package, you just pop out the seal stopper, and run harness A through and insert the rubber grommet. If you do have CA or a Tow Package, you'll need to pull your battery and drill through the rear closing panel using a 40mm step drill bit. This panel is just the back right portion of your car:
IMG_20170718_172056.jpg IMG_20170718_174052.jpg

In the photo above, you can see the comfort access using the existing grommet. Below this, there is a place to drill a second hole for the harness A grommet:
IMG_20170720_131625.jpg IMG_20170720_131645.jpg

Once the hole is drilled, run the harness through the hole and insert the grommet:
IMG_20170720_131941.jpg IMG_20170720_132017.jpg

Put the harness on the plastic holder, attach the sensors and install the bumper:

IMG_20170720_132345.jpg IMG_20170720_141423.jpg

Now run the other end of the wire along the main wiring harness to the control module. On the E93, you'll need to remove the hardware and carpet off the wheel well:

And run the wire up the harness into the back seat area. Use a coat hanger to fish the wire through and plug into the module:
IMG_20170720_202819.jpg IMG_20170720_203127.jpg

5) The next step is to install the signal generator for cars which do not have a compatible radio to output the sound through the speakers. The signal generator is just a fancy word for a speaker and is installed behind the rear passenger speaker. The cable C is a two wire cable which plugs into the signal generator and the other end has two pins to be inserted into the black connector block, B5, which plugs into the PDC module.

If your car was built after 09/07 and includes SA 606/609/663, then you can skip this step. Otherwise, pull out the passenger rear side panel. Inside this side panel, toward the rear of the car, there is a slot for the signal generator. Line up the grooves and pop it in along with the cable C:

For E92, route the cable C from the signal generator along the standard wiring harness to the control module in the trunk. For E93, run the cable C from the signal generator to the control module to the control module in the trunk partition.

Next, you need to insert the pins into the connector B5. The BL/GN goes into PIN 4 and the SW/GN goes into PIN 10. Now connect the other harnesses into the PDC control module.

6) Now, we need to connect the control module to the power supply and CANBUS. Take the harness B and route it along the standard wiring harness along the side of the car. I removed the rocker/kick panel and stuck it between the carpet, all the way up to the fuse holder.

7) Next we need to access the back of the fusebox, so pull out the glove box an the other panels in the area including the little vent which pops out so you have as much room to work as possible. This next portion can be very frustrating so take your time. Make sure to take a photo of where all your fuses go, in case you take some out on accident and forget where they go. There is a difficult to reach screw in the top left corner, you should use a star socket, wobble socket and a ¼ socket to ¼ hex adapter and a screw driver handle to access it:

You should be able to access the other three screws using a normal star screw driver. Once the screws are out, remove the top left harness on the front of the fuse box and pull the top of the fusebox down to expose the back:

For cars built prior to 03/07, take the green and white stripe wire with the socket contact and insert it into PIN 8 of the X11003 connector( BL 15 PIN). If PIN 8 is already occupied, cut off the socket contact from the wire and splice it into the wire that is in PIN 8 using the included mini connector(these are bulky and you're probably better off using a T Tap or something similar):
2017-07-19 23_33_53-E92&E93_PDC_Retrofit (1).pdf ‎- Microsoft Edge.png
For cars built after 03/07, do the same thing but use PIN 7 of connector X11001:

You are now done behind the fusebox. Keep the remaining wires in mind when putting the fuse box back. The brown wire will be routed straight down under the carpet beneath the floor and the orange and green twisted pair will need to go to the right side of the floor board. Personally I left the top left fuse box screw out as its nothing but a pain. Make sure the remaining wires are hanging down behind the frame the panel connect to so they don't get pinched when the fusebox goes back on:

Note: Before proceeding, I would like to say that the following steps for the brown and twisted pair of wires are probably much harder than necessary given the space constraints and location. The orange/green twisted wires can probably be tapped into other looms which are more accessible, they all run to the same place. Also, the brown wire appears to be nothing more than a ground wire, you can hook that up anywhere. If someone does this, please report back if it works.

8) Pull the carpet away from the right side to expose the main wiring harness that runs the side of the car. You need to carefully cut away the black wrap that holds it together and search for the orange/green twisted CANBUS wires:

I had at least two pairs, so I just picked one since they all are part of the CANBUS. Using the mini connectors, or preferably, T Taps, splice the orange and green wires to their corresponding colors:

Now pull back on the carpet which is connected to a supportive flooring, take care to grab the support under the carpet and pull the whole thing back otherwise you'll just rip the carpet off:

And you'll expose X10012. Due to length of wires, I connected the brown wire to the bolt just above it:

Now put back the carpet, insert the supplied 5A fuse into slot F28 and reassemble.

It may be necessary to have your car coded for the new feature.