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M3 Strut conversion for E9X


This guide will explain how to upgrade to the M3 Strut brace and ring plates.


This guide is to upgrade to the M3 strut tower brace and rings. Besides being a visual upgrade, this brace is solid in the center of the V and also uses mounting rings which give access to strut damper knobs.

51617891281 - 2x Strut tower Caps
51618044553 - 2x Strut tower Bars
51618045860 - 1x Strut tower brace center mount
51618055091 - 1x Strut tower ring, Left
51618055092 - 1x Strut tower ring, Right
51717898374 - 2x Mounting Stud (If you are buying the center V brace used, you may not need these)
51717895241 - 6x Hex Nut (These are required)

There are also other bolts and nuts used for holding the brace to the center V section and the tower rings, hopefully you can get them used. If not, these other parts can easily be sourced.


First, start by removing the cowl and cabin filters. Once that is done, go ahead and loosen up both strut bars:

Next, to make removal and installation of the center section easier, we will remove the right(passenger) windshield wiper. Pull off the cap exposing a hex nut. Use a flat head screw driver to remove the center cap, exposing the center brace E bolt and then remove.

In the side of this area you'll see three bolts which secure the center section to the car, remove them:

This center plastic piece should now push down and then pull out. There should be two rubber grommets, set them aside.

If you bought your center v brace new, you should haave two studs with threads on both ends to put into the ends of the brace. If you bought the brace u sed and it has those studs still in it, carefully take a pair of needle nose pliers and remove one of the studs without ruining the threads.

Now you should be able to slide the brace into this plastic section. Reinstall the rubber gromets back onto the brace and into the plastic section.
20180125_221406.jpg 20180125_221418.jpg

To put this piece back in, you'll need to lift up on the trim using the new found space from the windshield wiper removal. You need to get it up and over the clip nut and it should go back in the way it came out:
20180125_221530.jpg 20180125_221810.jpg

Now, tighten down the three bolts that hold the brace holder as well as the center E bolt holding the brace itself. Next, install the strut bars and strut tower plates using the special nuts.
20180206_021200.jpg 20180206_021734.jpg

Now put the Tower caps on: