1. veer90

    Teaser: DIY stage 4 fuel system

    Disclaimer: just got the whole shebang installed last weekend, currently investigating some minor hiccups possibly EKP related. Will post full DIY when it's fully sorted. Is working fine now. About 3 weeks ago I started putting together a DIY stage 4 fuel system. My goal was for this to be the...
  2. A

    Fortune Auto 500 Install - DIY

    What's up everyone. I wound up getting rid of the air ride and as I am taking my car in a different direction. I went ahead and ordered some Fortune Auto 500 coils with 8k and 11k Swift Springs, locking collars, and radial bearings. Here is the first part of the video of me doing an unboxing...
  3. Abacus38

    DIY Coding Injectors using windows 10

    Coding injectors is so easy even wall-e can do it! and here's how! Download these two programs 7zip ---> BMW standard tools -->!zw5V0IrD!08GgdgH0AtxZcWh62_76xA 1. Use the 7zip program to extract Bmw standard tools and open the folder. Right click on...
  4. Jeffman

    DIY Article: Augmented Reality For DIY Auto Mechanics? Amazon Innovates In Auto Retail

    Augmented Reality For DIY Auto Mechanics? Amazon Innovates In Auto Retail Credit for this article belongs to, where it was published today. PDF below. A newly granted patent shows Amazon is pursuing augmented reality tech to fuel a new focus on auto parts. Shopping online for...
  5. hassan_hamdan

    E8X E8x Non-LCI Tear down, CF Eyebrow and Rings DIY Thread

    First, let me say, im no professional by any means, and figured I would try my hand at creating a solution for a problem that isn't really addressed. In the fall had hit a hard enough pothole without paying attention, and although the 1er was alright, the inner grey ring for the adaptive...
  6. DaddyBoost

    Complete N54 Tuning Guide

    Was looking through my computer and found the @V8bait tuning guide I used to learn off. Here you go guys free for grabs. Hope he doesn't mind :)