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Audi's New 2017 TTRS - VTEC Headers?!

Discussion in 'General Automotive Discussion' started by [email protected], Dec 28, 2016.

  1. Derek@MoorePerformance

    [email protected] Lieutenant Vendor


    I'd like to introduce you to possibly one of the next best tuning platforms!

    Check out the new 2017 Audi TTRS

    The new TTRS will have the standard 2.5 Liter straight 5 cylinder engine producing ~400hp through the Quattro system and a 7-speed Dual Clutch gearbox!

    Sprints to 60 in around 3.5 seconds out of the box. Major changes have been made to the engine since its last generation. The engine is now a full aluminum block, lighter crankshaft, along with 57 pounds of reduced weight.

    How quick can it get up an go? Try 350lbs of torque at around 1700 RPM and 400HP at 5,850RPM. The newest change was made to the headers on the engine. The engine is using Audi’s variable-valve-lift-and-duration system on the exhaust camshaft. This system works similarly to Honda's VTEC System.

    Audi is also introducing a new fueling option to the turbo-5. The engine is both Direct and Port injected to prevent carbon build-up and support 18-19psi stock!


    You cannot deny that this Audi is performance vehicle out of the box. The new interior is meant to match the performance that's always at your finger tips.

    Expected Base Price Line: $60,000

    The pricing and performance puts it as a direct competitor with the BMW M2.

    What do you guys think of Audi's new TTRS?
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  2. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    Looks hot. Although I'm not sure how it will stack up to the turbo 3.0 I6
  3. Derek@MoorePerformance

    [email protected] Lieutenant Vendor

    Time will only tell! No one thought that the N54 would be where it is now when the car was released.

    Can't wait to see more from Audi tuners in the future.... Not like the 700whp+ Audi RS7s out there aren't impressive (;
  4. 08_335i

    08_335i Sergeant

    The tuning platform for VW\Audi is so massive, they'll find out how much that motor can really handle quite quickly. Should be interesting, I've always liked the newer Audi TT style.
  5. Derek@MoorePerformance

    [email protected] Lieutenant Vendor

    Agreed, like APR is truly the JB4/MHD for Audi/VW

    Theres a guy in my home town that has a tuned RS7 that makes 700AWHP.
  6. 08_335i

    08_335i Sergeant

    Rs7's are monsters with even just an APR tune. There's one up here where I live, kid drives it (its daddy's car) he said he wanted to race me until I showed up then claimed it had an oil leak that just showed up, which sucked because I really wanted to run that monster.
  7. Derek@MoorePerformance

    [email protected] Lieutenant Vendor

    Figures, but... That is very true. RS7 + Tune alone = 600-700whp
  8. Snelson3003

    Snelson3003 Sergeant Vendor

    I had a 2011 Audi TTS that was probably my favorite car until the BMW 135i. The 135I is much faster in a straight line but the TTS was FAR better build quality. Everything in that car was amazing and the motor was very good.

    I drove the old TTRS since i was interested in buying one and loved it.
  9. Derek@MoorePerformance

    [email protected] Lieutenant Vendor

    I would have got a coupe but.. my insurance is already enough without a license
  10. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    Sorry if I missed it. What happened to your license?
  11. Derek@MoorePerformance

    [email protected] Lieutenant Vendor

    About 2 years ago I gunned it off an exit ramp (I was in a freaking Scion tC (First Car).... ) Kept on the gas was just doing a 20-100 pull.. As soon as I hit 100 I looked in the rear view mirror saw a cop pulling through the median to get me. Went ahead and pulled over w/ caution lights and put hands out of the car.

    Only got charged with Speeding and, pushed the case out for a year then when I was tried they took my license for a year. (I can drive to and from work)

    So... On the 23rd of March this year I'll be a free man again.
  12. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    Why did you put your hands out of the car? You admit fault immediately and can't just say you had an emergency. When I get pulled over, I just throw on my blinker, turn the car off roll down all the windows and put my hands on the wheel. That's all they want, is to be able to see in side and your hands. At least where I'm from anyway. I've had a DUI and been pulled over on a variety of occasions, I bet you're glad to be free again!
  13. Derek@MoorePerformance

    [email protected] Lieutenant Vendor

    Still not free, and no sadly in my old small town you'd be worse off to not show your hands. (3 cops were shot at last year alone near there xD)

    But, yea.. once I am free again.. I'll be so much happier. On a brighter side than that, I'm getting a raise at work :D
  14. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    Well, so long as the windows are down that is always the best. It amazes me when people leave their windows up, unless its raining or something.