Hell yea!

Nov 4, 2016
The 330
Here's to finally hoping we have an unbiased forum for an awesome platform. This forum has potential and hopefully we can keep it technical and have a great place for our community.

For those interested,

I drive an 08 E90 335i
113k miles.
VTT GC Turbos
VRSF Cat-less DP
AA intercooler (Formerly)
ECS Carbon DCI
HR Coils
ECS Sway Bars

I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting
Nov 4, 2016
The 330
Finished up install back in August, but then went to North Carolina for a month followed up by Guam in September. Haven't really been able to get them dialed in yet. Probably have close to 1k miles on them that's about it


Oct 18, 2016
Ah I see. Do you have any preliminary results like a dyno or logs?
Nov 4, 2016
The 330
Not yet. I need to, but I've been working stuff out so far and been gone so much, I havent had time
Nov 3, 2016
Your running the GC on pump gas? Or plans for e85?
Nov 4, 2016
The 330
As of now just running 93. I'd like to run E85, but need to make sure I actually have it readily available. One of the gas stations I know that used to have it, I think stopped offering it
Nov 4, 2016
The 330
How is it driving with the GC lites trans holds up?
They're not lites. They're the full GC's. and trans is actually holding up really well. Car is in the shop right now for a separate issue (stupid construction :mad:) I'll look and see if I have any install photos or anything like that
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