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New Half Mile World Record for Stock Auto Trans: 168.1 MPH in a ST 135i

Discussion in 'Regional | Events | Clubs' started by [email protected], Oct 23, 2017.

  1. Omar@VaderSolutions

    [email protected] Sergeant Vendor

    Hello everyone, i made this announcement earlier in the facebook page already but thought i give a more detailed post here...

    so yesterday i set the trap speed record for stock auto trans in half mile at 168.1 , thank you to everyone who helped during the event. I put this car together literally last minute in a 3 week time span, it was not easy and the car finally got dialed in at the track.

    Transmission Temps were rock solid staying under 180*F , also IAT did not go over 127*F even in the hot Arizona Weather. Car made 703WHP on dynojet with o2 sensor flying off everytime, the 168.1 MPH pass was with 26PSI

    Stock Sealed N54 Motor and Trans
    Jpworkz ST Kit
    AGP DBB 666 Turbo (66/66)
    JB4 w/ JB4 PI controller
    VRSF 7.5 Race Intercooler
    VRSF 335D Charge Pipe w/ 3" Lower CP
    BimmerLife Tuning BEF
    BimmerLife Tuning Coil-packs
    XHP Stage 3 Trans Flash
    AD-E PI
    AD-E Motor Mounts
    CSF Radiator (thanks to ad-e)
    Vader Solutions Billet Bucketless Fuel System
    Vader Solutions High Flow Turbo Inlet
    Vader Solutions PCV Delete Breather System
    Vader Solutions Trans Cooler
    Vader Solutions Trans Mount

    Heres a video compilation of the event

    IMG_8275.JPG IMG_8268.JPG IMG_8257.JPG IMG_8270.JPG
  2. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    Nice to see a car get up and running in such a short time frame, nice runs!
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  3. Omar@VaderSolutions

    [email protected] Sergeant Vendor

    thanks tyler
  4. hassan_hamdan

    hassan_hamdan Specialist

    Dope! Thats so awesome im curious to see how long your trans will hold up!
  5. Clean WHP

    Clean WHP Corporal

    Nice results and very impressive! That engine bay is so clean and well put together. Just curious how many miles are on your auto trans? also on your car/motor in general?
  6. Vbp6us

    Vbp6us Specialist

    So dope! Nice job @omarmarji

    I do have to ask about the misfire though. What's up with that? You have BL coils as I recall it. Any information would be appreciated by the community I'm sure. Thanks
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  7. Volrath

    Volrath Private

    cyl 5 misfire? The good ol mysterious cyl 5... Curious to know about the post above as well..
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  8. dyezak

    dyezak Major

    Wait. If I go run my car through the flying 1/2mi can I claim a DCT world record since nobody has called dibs on that yet?
  9. Torgus

    Torgus Lieutenant

    Nice run!
  10. Terry@BMS

    [email protected] Sergeant Vendor

    Nice runs!

    I can't remember whether this was before or after the failed lvl10 trans build I tried. But, gear limited 168.16mph, around 0.4m at SS (rolling start from cones). Granted, gutted interior but less hp. around 620whp IIRC. You're doing it in style. :)

  11. Tiago@VRSF

    [email protected] Lurker Vendor

  12. chrisdfv

    chrisdfv Specialist

    Are you going flash only now? Any particular reason? I've had my JB4 for the longest, but can't decide if I should keep it or not when I go ST.
  13. dyezak

    dyezak Major

    This was an automatic 335i on a 6266.

  14. Terry@BMS

    [email protected] Sergeant Vendor

    Yes our auto trap record fell this weekend. Interestingly, JB4 saved the day too, as it so often does. During his earlier runs he had a major WMI leak. JB4 stopped it from making boost and after awhile he was able to find meth literally spraying out of this crappy push lock tee. He fixed it by bypassing tee, with only one nozzle, causing a huge 30% bank to bank trim variance... JB4 stopped that run too. Finally he tracked me down in the pits, we fixed the leak properly with a new compression tee so both nozzles were flowing, and whala, new automatic record. :)
  15. Torgus

    Torgus Lieutenant

    I don't understand why people bother with push lock when spraying something so damn flammable. Nice the JB4 did it's job.
  16. Terry@BMS

    [email protected] Sergeant Vendor

    It's sort of a hodge podge setup but I convinced him to redo the meth kit. I think it was mostly snow parts, with our FSB running it. It's a JP works manifold with a journal bearing turbo, and 5" intercooler. So, budget was definitely a factor. :)
  17. dyezak

    dyezak Major

    HAHAHA. I don't know what's funnier, your comment or the beating Tony subjects himself too over on bummer boost trying to explain this fact.
  18. TEC

    TEC Specialist

    Tony creates his own issues. His are totally self inflicted.
  19. dyezak

    dyezak Major

    Crap, I meant to say Terry.

    Yea....Tony's wounds are self inflicted.