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AZ No Fly Zone - AZ - Gila Bend Airfield

Discussion in 'Regional | Events | Clubs' started by doublespaces, Dec 17, 2016.

  1. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    I had a chance to drive down to the Gila Bend Airfield(Over an hour o_O) and got to see some of the cars racing there. I met @[email protected]! and missed @[email protected] and @Joe so maybe another time. Either way I had fun, there were some fast traps while I was there, particularly by one car:

    DSC02304.JPG DSC02305.JPG DSC02306.JPG DSC02307.JPG DSC02308.JPG DSC02310.JPG

    And I took some other random photos of things going on:


    Hopefully I'll get to meet up with more of you next time!
  2. Joe

    Joe Specialist

    It was a good time. I rolled out there with a couple friends, one has the blue mr2 that trapped 180 before it caught on fire the other was trapping 160s in his maxpsi e46 M3. Both cars had issues and didn't see their best traps.

    The mr2 is easily capable of 190s. My vbox caught a 4.6 60-130. He said he's done 4.1 before. The M3 should have seen 170s at least but ran very lean all day.

    Great event as always, hopefully I'll get back to track events next year. Motor should be getting buttoned up for the third time next week.

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  3. Chris@VargasTurboTech

    [email protected] Sergeant Vendor

    We had fun, was good to meet quite a few of you, unfortunately our fun was cut short by a 4-5 shift that actually went 4th-3rd. Luckily Tony caught it fairly quickly but we still saw about 8300 rpm in the log. It was enough to make the car jump timing and end our day. We only got 5 runs in.


    My notes from our runs:

    Run 1: (decided to leave high boost map on car but drive gently to shake down)
    10:00 am
    DA 466'
    777 whp map (DI only)
    Serious traction issues in 4th gear (track was very dusty) and a misfire in 5th gear
    151 trap

    Run 2:
    11:00 am
    DA 605'
    740 whp map (DI only)
    Car wouldn't go into 2nd gear... Tony crossed the cones at 20 mph.
    165 trap
    Traction was a little better, plus we had warmed up the tires more.

    Run 3:
    11:47 am
    DA 711'
    740 whp map (DI only)
    166.17 mph
    Car fell on its face into 4th... the huge bog from 3rd to 4th gear (later discussed this often happening when you rev above 7k in 3rd before shifting)

    Run 4:
    12:38 pm
    740 whp map (DI turned on to see if it helped the 3-4 bog)
    167.41 mph
    Car still fell on its face between 3rd and 4th. This is when we realized that shifting it above 7k going from 3-4 can result in a lengthy bog.

    Run 5:
    Raced Steve at Fuel-it!, at the top of 4th gear money shifted into third. Game over. Alas, shit happens.


    All in all it was a bit of a frustrating day. The weather was nice, the even was well run (except for the dust on the track) and it was good to meet some more people here (sorry we missed you Tyler!). On the bad side money shifting isn't how you want to end your day, and we wanted something more than a 167 trap. None the less that's how she goes!

    We'll see you guys at the next one.

  4. Chris@VargasTurboTech

    [email protected] Sergeant Vendor


    Oh yeah, here is our 167 slip, for what it's worth. Blah.

  5. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    Seems like it had more in it, hopefully you get it back together and running soon!
  6. Chris@VargasTurboTech

    [email protected]ech Sergeant Vendor

    We were hoping for 175's on this particular setup but as you all know, it's a little more involved than showing up and hitting the pedal on the right. Hopefully next time...

    We did still have fun... great venue. Lets catch up over some coffee and you can give a listen to the Corsa.
  7. Cheezy

    Cheezy Lieutenant

    I'm curious how the Fuel-It! guys did with their new bucketless system. They said they would run it there but I expect they would also run the stage 4 too?
  8. Chris@VargasTurboTech

    [email protected] Sergeant Vendor

    Money shift!

    3rd gear...
    NFZ Money Shift 1.jpg

    4th gear...
    NFZ Money Shift 2.jpg

    5th gear... wait... no 3rd!!!
    NFZ Money Shift 3.jpg

    AEM datalog showing 8600 rpm. Ouch.
    NFZ Money Shift AEM.jpg
  9. Derek@MoorePerformance

    [email protected] Lieutenant Vendor

  10. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

  11. arsenalmse

    arsenalmse Private Vendor