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One Lap of America 2018

Discussion in 'Regional | Events | Clubs' started by NoQuarter, Apr 24, 2018.

  1. NoQuarter

    NoQuarter Lieutenant

    One Lap of America starts and ends just down the road from my house.

    May 5, 2018 is the starting event. For anyone coming it would be nice to make a face to face introduction.

    I am happy to provide some local hospitality and my garage for anything that comes up on Friday


  2. NoQuarter

    NoQuarter Lieutenant

    Also... I just remembered

    Friends of ours have a large studio apartment with kitchen available very near Tire Rack. Lots of outdoor space for trailers and any other gear. It was made for AirBnB just not listed yet.

    Sleeps 2 privately, 4-6 with extra beds,cots, sofa, air mattress, etc

    One Lap of America ends here as well if you need a place to stay prior to heading back home.
  3. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    That must be awesome to have! One thing I'm not clear about with this event, are you still timed getting from course to course? Or are you simply required to make the journey in your race car?
  4. NoQuarter

    NoQuarter Lieutenant

    I think I will defer to Neil @MDORPHN - He has done this event 12 times!

    But, the basics I think are timed events at each venue but it is not a race to get to the next venue.
    They have to drive the car and there are restrictions on tire changes.

    I like seeing the start of the race. Always a nice photo session with everyone gathered together.

    Last year on the skid pad I saw someone run over their own go pro :fearscream:
  5. Aaron

    Aaron Sergeant

    I would love to do this someday.

    But as of right now, the N54 is about the worst platform for it ever. I'd sooner take a stock Accord.

    I have taken my N54 to 4 track days, and it hasn't made it through a single one yet.
  6. NoQuarter

    NoQuarter Lieutenant