RX7 FOUR Rotor

Nov 6, 2016
Las Vegas
Going back to the OG fast and furious days! Beautiful car and amazing sound. Almost sounds like an F1 car
Dec 21, 2016
This same guy was going to sell this car to get one of the first production ford GT's... kind of glad he didn't lol
Dec 21, 2016
I'd like to test drive a car like that lol
Jun 5, 2017
From the time I was 16 to my mid 20s I tortured myself with being a rotary enthusiasts lol.. I'm 34 now..

Anyways the 26b is the holy grail of rotary! It was first used in 787b Leman car.. First Japanese manufacturer to win the 24 hr of Lemans as well.. It was a NA 26b with variable runners on it and made like 800hp IIRC.. That was detuned it could have made more..

Its that lumpy ass peripheral port sound!! Makes my junk chubby!!!

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