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UFC 205 results

Discussion in 'Cars, Coffee and Computers' started by Xshadows, Nov 15, 2016.

  1. Xshadows

    Xshadows Corporal

    I can't be the only one here that watches UFC. What did you guys think about this card? Most epic of all time? I'm personally annoyed that Cowboy vs Lawler didn't happen. I think Wonderboy won that fight. And Conor straight EMBARRASSED Eddie. Completely outclassed him.
  2. Cheezy

    Cheezy Lieutenant

    that was an awesome card. i do not agree with you that wonderboy won, however it was stupid of woodley to stop throwing punches and go for the choke
  3. Xshadows

    Xshadows Corporal

    IDK man. It was a majority DRAW. It could have went either way. I looked at my buddy and said "It was either a tie, or Wonderboy has him by a point.".