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What are you getting for Black Friday?

Discussion in 'Cars, Coffee and Computers' started by doublespaces, Nov 22, 2017.

  1. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    There's lots of sales going on, KW has 7% off their site.

    As far as non car stuff, I'm really wanting an LG B7 65", but I want to see it south of $1500 first, so I'll have to wait until next year, best I've seen is about $2100.
  2. Abacus38

    Abacus38 Lieutenant

    I bought myself the ADE intercooler
  3. soawesomeman

    soawesomeman Private

    Premature Black Friday. :disrelieved: Blew my wad on mtech f/r bumpers and oem 2013 m359 staggered.
  4. Cheezy

    Cheezy Lieutenant

    Vrsf downpipes, inlets/outlets, full trans service, brake service (no rotors), diff fluid, new belt.
  5. Yeezus335i

    Yeezus335i Private

    Was eyeing BC coilovers with swift springs :D but first let's see how it goes at walmart/bestbuy.
  6. Toome

    Toome New Member

    The m359's are worth it trust me.
  7. 335i_lou

    335i_lou Specialist



    Yeah we managed to get about 30 of the kits shipped yesterday the rest will ship on Monday. We upgraded several peoples shipping as well if they were in a Zone that FedEx gave us Holiday rates for (no reason for us to profit off shipping rather help customers out).
  9. 335i_lou

    335i_lou Specialist

    That’s amazing! Now that’s what I call customer service!! Great stuff guys, can’t wait to continue doing business you all!
  10. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    Well, now we are off Black Friday, onto Cyber Monday! 100% off!