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What's your car's name?

Discussion in 'Cars, Coffee and Computers' started by [email protected], Mar 18, 2017.

  1. Derek@MoorePerformance

    [email protected] Lieutenant Vendor

    Hey SS!

    My 335xi's name is Que!

    Just wondering what everyone else named their cars?
  2. Danksies

    Danksies Corporal

    Full name Juan Tree High Eye. Goes by Juan, Juanito, or Juan'er for short
  3. Cjdzombie

    Cjdzombie Specialist

    Never gave mine a name. You've got me thinking now.
  4. Derek@MoorePerformance

    [email protected] Lieutenant Vendor

    It's gotta compliment the cars character. :p Think hard and long man
  5. JCEwing23

    JCEwing23 New Member

    My 2012 F30 N55 is named Skylar!!! Just like a Sexy German Model!!!

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  6. bdh

    bdh Specialist

    My wife named mine Christine.
    Because it's the car from hell that always
    Needs another part.
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  7. Derek@MoorePerformance

    [email protected] Lieutenant Vendor

    Haha, one of my gearhead friends tried to get me to name it that as well. Because of the movie xD
  8. 9kred

    9kred New Member

    She goes by Stella because Stella is damn good bear :)
  9. screaminfast

    screaminfast Corporal

    My wife calls my car Marty. Like the zebra from Madagascar.... :mad:
  10. Cjdzombie

    Cjdzombie Specialist

    I guess I could just call mine "Crack", because once I get used to the current horse power, I need to add a MOD to get my next fix.
  11. JBacon335

    JBacon335 Specialist

    Norrin Radd, aka The Silver Surfer
  12. Pull96333

    Pull96333 New Member

    Mines is named Mary Jane or MJ for short
  13. Mikey_b00st

    Mikey_b00st Private

    Mines name is Betty
  14. camberadam

    camberadam Sergeant

    Heidi - Sexy but can be a royal bitch to please...
  15. zero2sixtyZ

    zero2sixtyZ Specialist

    Entourage reference.
  16. DAVE

    DAVE Specialist

    Mine is Sam. Short and simple
  17. nsjames

    nsjames New Member

    Mine earned its name

  18. wingman25

    wingman25 New Member

    I named my 2008 BMW 3 Series 335i Convertible, Robert. Named it after my late father.
  19. Omar@VaderSolutions

    [email protected] Sergeant Vendor

    naming a car is a feminine thing imo
  20. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    I do not name my cars personally, when I think about it I feel like this: