Winter Project?

Nov 2, 2016
Atlanta, Ga
Who here has a winter project for their car? I have 2 weeks off of work and plan to be in the garage in between my "honey do" list items. I plan on trying to Vinyl wrap my car. Got a good deal on a roll and going to see how it goes.
Jan 13, 2017
Nice idea you have vinyl wrap looks awesome! I got mine from Gatowraps. they have a lot of wraps, 3M Vinyl Wraps or Avery Denison Vinyl Wraps, with lots of types and colors to choose from. You should also check Gatorprints


Oct 18, 2016
I thought about doing something with my wheels or buying new ones, plus putting shadowline vinyl on my trim. And install my ST... And a bunch of other stuff.


Nov 7, 2016
Toledo Ohio
Just have my year plans. Fmic, lpfp, set of arc8s, set of invo's, roof wrap, cf hood, cf trunk, maybe bumpers, maybe a bunch of other shhhtufff
Dec 7, 2016
Just replaced my battery the other day. Next on the list are Installing VRSF FMIC and Mfactory twin disk clutch. Also probably going to update my idrive nav maps. Thinking of getting a BT tool to register my battery on my own as well as play around with some other coding features.... oh and get new tires cause last years are down to the chords :p

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