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Dealership Injector test

Discussion in 'General Automotive Discussion' started by TurboMike, Dec 12, 2016.

  1. TurboMike

    TurboMike Corporal

    Does anyone know what the computerized Injector test at BMW test for? Obviously it will test flow and pattern but will it also pickup on a leaking injector?
  2. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    Hmm. I'd suspect they would test if they retain pressure? Don't see why not, but I'm not sure.
  3. TurboMike

    TurboMike Corporal

    Just waiting for my kit to come in from black stone now.

    So the back story is this. I changed my oil and there was a heavy smell of gas in the old oil. Took the car to BMW had the injectors tested and it passed. My most recent oil change did not have a heavy gas smell but the Catch can did have a scent (nothing like before).

    I developed a smoking issue at stops is occasional have puffs after spirited driving and it smelling of gas originally I thought. Well then it began on roughly a 3hour trip I smelled oil coming through the vents. Got under the car and the oil drain line had a residue on it. So replaced the gasket and sealed again drove some more still the same issue.
    So I removed the upgraded turbos and sent them back thinking seals. Well I got the news back today that the turbos were being completely replaced with brand new turbos because of internal carving. They stated that contaminated oil can cause this thus the shafts shifting which carved the inside of the turbos up and shaved down the seals.

    They said the have seen this twice recently and the one test came back and revealed the metal from the bearings and they were bad. I'll have the exact report and pictures of the turbos tomorrow and I'll post on here.
    So this has me wondering what the issue could be. As I said I'm waiting on the oil kit from blackstone to come in I filled the request out a few hours ago. Figured I'd throw up a post and get some other feedback as well though.
  4. ryanmamikel

    ryanmamikel Specialist

    It has been a while since I have done an injector test on an n54/n55, but for the n63 there is a span of time during the intitial test where your crank the engine and allow it to start, then immediately shut it down. The tester will monitor the fuel pressures of each rail to see if there is a fuel pressure drop that is outside specification.

    How does the car start when it is cold? A bit of a stumble with no fault codes is a good indication that there is an issue brewing.

    Also, do you do a lot of short drives? And when was the last time that the spark plugs were replaced? This can affect cold start/ cause a bit of fuel wash every time you start the car as well.
  5. TurboMike

    TurboMike Corporal

    No cold start problems ever. Plugs and coils aren't old. During the first occupancy of gas smell they were however when it had a heavy smell. No misfires though at the time. Since have been changed.

    I wouldn't say I have a lot of short drives no. It honestly isn't driven that often. Average about 4-6k miles a year.