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Crypto Currency Space

Discussion in 'Cars, Coffee and Computers' started by Bigdaddyaaron, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. Bigdaddyaaron

    Bigdaddyaaron Corporal

    Would like to start a thread for crypto/blockchain related discussion.

    Me- I'm a novice trader and mild enthusiast

    how about you guys?
  2. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    I've been involved in crypto years ago, and I've let go of it for the most part. If I were to get back in, I'd make a large investment and sit on it or would acquire a few ASICs and mine. Trading is not my thing, and to be honest, most people are kidding themselves thinking they are anything but lucky.
  3. Bmwfixerguy1

    Bmwfixerguy1 Lieutenant

    No it's not luck.. I'm all cash currently and don't hold any assets but no it's not luck. I usually swing trade larger wave structures and started day trading a little and it spoiled my love of the game. Micro managing your positions is a lot less fun to me while you are trying to live your life lol

    If you do get into trading learn you Elliot wave theroy, Fibonacci extension and retracemnt tools ect...

    Eight now the market is very unsure and gun shy! The most recent rally created was followed by a very extended correction that has lagged on for days and may really be an ABC correction and we just finished the B wave up, could still have a massive 5 wave down C structure ahead.
    If that happens it will be turmoil for sure because we will have a death cross of the 55ema and 100ema and we will surely qithowi a doubt test 6k again!
  4. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    I agree, but let me emphasize a portion of my comment:

    I was trading crypto years ago, I built a crypto exchange so I know quite a bit about the matter. Back when even the biggest exchanges were uncertain, you never knew if the site was going to glitch out and even accept your trade. It might just skip right over your order. It might lose your order. Your money might get stuck on an exchange for weeks while the server is down, unable to sell it while the price drops. The matter of luck was even greater at that time, and its still incredibly high for almost anyone who is learning about crypto.
  5. Bmwfixerguy1

    Bmwfixerguy1 Lieutenant

    Oh I know all about that you know my comments are never in attitude lol

    They still do trade almost like any other market just more volitile... Well wayyyyyy more volitile!!!!!

    It's the wild wild west right now and you can lose your shirt real quick. The market is very hard to figure out now even for the pros!

    To the OP, if you want to get into crypto early on like now.. I'd recommend just starting a cryprc piggy bank and making an even amount every week like a payment of sorts that you can affiaf to lose. Just dollar cost average it's called and forget it for awhile or pull out during the know peaks. When the news is talking pull out cuz she's ready to blow her load :)
  6. Bigdaddyaaron

    Bigdaddyaaron Corporal

    Start the spoolstreet blockchain: users can offer their storage space and processing power in return for tokens lol.
    Then you could replace the current credit system with that!

    edit: Keep the current credit system for forum/posting use and you could have a marketplace with spoolstreet swag for purchase with cash/SST(spool street token).

    Yes I can attest to this. I am by no means an experienced or expert trader, but I can reliably ride trends (hourly) to make a few good trades in a day that are essentially enough to pay a good portion of my bills for that month lol. I make bad calls (Still working on getting my FOMO in check lol) as well but the good outweigh the bad.

    I've heard people mention the abc/abcde/12345 pattern, but never really took the time to learn it. is this your thinking? abc.PNG
  7. Bmwfixerguy1

    Bmwfixerguy1 Lieutenant

    Kinda but not really.. the whole drop from 20k would be your A

    The bounce.off 6k would be you B

    Then you C would be 5 waves down of great proportion... It's looking more and more and more like we are going to get a death cross of the 50ema and 200 ema! Just be very cautious and if anything I'd be all cash till their is a clear signal, which I think might be down to test a lower low :(

    When we get a meth cross that is a massive signal to big players to abaindin ship all at once.. meaning hedgefunds and whales

    Not trying to scare just trying to lay out the facts, turn you fomo off for now you will be better off I promise lol
  8. doublespaces

    doublespaces Administrator

    This would be a tax nightmare, plus when you allow people to earn money on a site and transfer it, you often times will need a money service business license in every state and sometimes countries.
  9. veer90

    veer90 Lieutenant

    I managed to double my money from Ethereum, but I did also sell at $550/ETH in december 2017 like an idiot lol

    It's all good though because I bought back in at 450 recently

    What do y'all think of the recent uptick in crypto prices? Market recovering or another bubble?
  10. dyezak

    dyezak Major

    You can't be scrooge McDuck and swim in your fortune if it's all fake monies. Think about it. Be like scrooge McDuck.
  11. Abacus38

    Abacus38 Lieutenant

    I cashed out when BTC hit 20k. I put 2k in it back in Aug 2017. I made a about 7k off it. I then dump it into apple stocks. If I was to get back in I would just try to mine but fibdifi graphic cards are a bitch.